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Today more than ever committed to health


We wish to salute World Health Day, a day that is even more meaningful this year. The 2020 health campaign highlights the extraordinary job nurses and all healthcare workers are doing around the world. It is to them and their families that we extend our deepest gratitude as they help on the frontline of the battle against this global pandemic we’re living.

We thank everyone caring for our families’, our loved ones’, and our personal health. To those who are dedicating all their professional, personal and emotional efforts to protect us, everyday, at great personal cost. We are so very grateful for those that are working countless hours, with little rest and limited resources, but with enduring energy, professionalism, and passion.

We understand the significance of Taking care of ourselves, which entails the following in today’s scenario:

1.- #StayHome, trusting in this way we protect ourselves and others.

2.- Smile, make extraordinary things out of the ordinary and keep a positive attitude because we’re #strongertogether.

3.- Keep healthy through good daily habits such as regular exercise and a balanced diet, for everyone in your family.

4.- Maintain cleanliness and hygiene habits while at home, when you go out and upon your return. It is very important to follow the recommendations given by your local authorities. 

5.- Be resilient. We will overcome this situation, we’ll also learn from it, and we’ll be strengthened by it.

Let’s continue to take care of ourselves and be thankful to those that take care our health every day. #istayhome #WorldHealthDay

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